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Wind Damage Restoration in Harrisburg, PA

Nature can cause all sorts of damage at your home. You may often think about damage related to flooding and damage related to hail — but wind damage can be one of the most vicious things to attack your home. When you’re in need of wind damage restoration in Harrisburg, PA, you need a source for service that is experienced and that delivers quality results no matter how big or small.

How Does Wind Impact Your Home?

There are varying degrees of wind damage restoration. Occasionally, wind damage will mean relatively minor though time-consuming cleanup work. We can discern between minor damage we can quickly alleviate and the more intensive damage that needs significant and immediate attention. We remove all of the damaged materials from your home, including branches, any shingles that may have been dislodged, broken fencing and more, and then we execute on the needed repairs.

Often times, wind damage is much more significant. It can lead to the loss of electricity and may dangerously damage power lines, and it can even create flooding situations that can cause water damage, too. These situations are clearly more significant and urgent than simply dealing with a few downed branches and minor fence repairs. We coordinate an intensive repair effort that may include communication with your electric company and other parties that need to be involved with getting your home back to its full working condition.

No matter the significance of your wind damage, Reynolds can be your providers of wind damage restoration service in Harrisburg, PA. We approach each job with our diverse and comprehensive background in construction and restoration services, which gives us the ability to quickly and effectively get your home back into full working order.

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