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Water Damage Repair in Philadelphia

Floodwaters are one of the most damaging calamities that can strike your home or business and when it occurs, you need a source for quality water damage restoration in Philadelphia, PA. At Reynolds, we provide the expert water damage repair that many homeowners need when they experience this challenging situation.

Philadelphia Water and Flood Damage Repair

One of the greatest challenges of water damage is that, even after the water recedes, there’s a great deal of cleanup to be done. Restoration done correctly requires unique expertise and specialized training and equipment.

Floodwaters soak everything they come into contact with — floors, walls, furniture and more, leaving behind hidden damage, including mold and mildew that begins as a small problem and then grows into something much more serious.

A Proven Approach

The longer the water sits and the longer its damage goes unaddressed, the more challenging the cleanup and restoration is going to be. At Reynolds, we come in quickly and start taking the actions needed for effective flood damage repair.

We use tools like air movers and dehumidifiers to begin drying out the impacted area and extracting moisture from the air. We then carefully perform cleanup as we seek to put your home together the way it was before the water damage struck. Reynolds is diverse in our capabilities. We have expertise in the construction and renovation phase of the project as well as the cleanup and water extraction.

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With services available 24 hours a day, Reynolds is there for you when you need us. Contact us – we’ll come to your site in the Philadelphia area and begin water damage cleanup, repairs and restoration and help minimize the inconvenience and trauma for you.

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