Water & Flood Damage


Baltimore Water Damage Repair

Nothing can devastate your home quite like flooding. When floodwaters or significant leaks strike, you need fast and effective water damage repair. The longer you wait to start addressing the issue, the more challenging and intensive the repair is going to be.

At Reynolds, we provide the expert water damage repair that you need to get your Baltimore home back to pre-loss condition. We offer the experience, knowledge, team and equipment needed to deliver the best possible results when you need flood damage restoration.

Baltimore Water and Flood Damage

Water seeping into your home is an uncontrolled force that scatters everywhere and leaves its mark. The longer it’s standing in your home, the more destructive is becomes.

Speed is essential as you seek to dry out your home and ensure that the damaging mold and mildew that can be so hazardous don’t have the opportunity to emerge. At Reynolds, we can provide the fast response required when you need flood damage restoration in Baltimore.

An Approach That Works

Reynolds begins by getting rid of the standing water and beginning to clean up the affected area.

We then dry out the affected area. Water soaks into everything it touches, creating a serious mold and mildew problem if not addressed almost immediately. At Reynolds, we move the air and dehumidifying the area to extract water and prevent it from creating a harmful and dangerous situation.

And then the final phase is the actual restoration — returning your home back to pre-loss condition.  It is vital to find a company that excels at the cleanup as well as the restoration.

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With services available 24 hours a day, Reynolds is there for you when you need us. Contact us – we’ll come to your site in the Baltimore and DC Metro area and begin water damage cleanup, repairs and restoration and help minimize the inconvenience and trauma for you.

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