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Nothing can devastate your home quite like flooding. When floodwaters or significant leaks strike, you need fast and effective water damage repair. The longer you wait to start addressing the issue, the more challenging and intensive the repair is going to be.

At Reynolds, we provide the expert water damage repair that you need to get your Baltimore home back to pre-loss condition. We offer the experience, knowledge, team and equipment needed to deliver the best possible results when you need flood damage restoration.

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Baltimore Water and Flood Damage

Water seeping into your home is an uncontrolled force that scatters everywhere and leaves its mark. The longer it’s standing in your home, the more destructive is becomes.

Speed is essential as you seek to dry out your home and ensure that the damaging mold and mildew that can be so hazardous don’t have the opportunity to emerge. At Reynolds, we can provide the fast response required when you need flood damage restoration in Baltimore.

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Taking action to deal with water and flood damage as soon as it happens is critical for several reasons. When you wait to call in a professional water damage repair contractor, you risk:

  • Mold and mildew: Mold thrives in damp conditions — the longer you wait to pump out standing water and disinfect the affected areas, the more difficult it will be to prevent mold. Persistent mold and mildew leads to foul smells and can potentially cause respiratory and other health problems.
  • Added damage: Mold isn’t the only consequence of a flooded property — water can also damage your furniture, appliances and carpeting. Caught early enough, damage to these items may be recoverable, but, if left too long, it will necessitate replacement. This drives up costs and makes it harder to return your property to pre-loss condition.
  • Infrastructure issues: Carpeting and furniture are replaceable — but damage to your property’s foundation, drywall or structural components requires thorough repairs. The sooner we can begin the flood damage restoration process, the easier it will be to prevent a small job from becoming an expensive, involved process.
  • Liability concerns: A flooded property is a safety hazard for many reasons — chief among them the risk of drowning, electrocution or slip-and-fall injuries it presents. If for whatever reason it’s not possible to proceed with a full repair immediately, Reynolds can take steps to secure your property and reduce your liability in the meantime.
  • Insurance delays: Finally, the sooner we can get to your property, the more accurately we can photograph and document the damage. Things can change quickly following a flood — to reduce the likelihood of delays or other issues with your insurance claim, it’s helpful to capture the immediate impact and damage as soon as it occurs.

Following a flood, it’s natural to want to take time to process what happened. Hiring a contractor right away may seem like unnecessary added stress. However, for the reasons above and more, it’s worth it to make the call. And when you partner with Reynolds Restoration, we’ll do everything to make the process go smoothly from the initial inspection to the final cleanup.

Understanding Water and Flood Damage

Water damage can range from minor flooding to serious problems that affect entire communities. As a restoration professional, the cause of the flood provides us with context that helps determine the best course of repairs. In many cases, we can also make recommendations for improvements that prevent the issue from recurring. Some of the more common causes of flooding include:

  • Heavy rains or tropical storms: In Baltimore and other coastal areas, storms are a persistent threat. While most homes and commercial properties are designed with flood prevention features, a damaged foundation or broken sump pump can easily lead to problems during extreme weather.
  • Leaking or burst pipes: Pipes and appliances all wear out over time. As well, freezing temperatures can lead to bursts, even in newer plumbing. Diagnosing these issues can be difficult, and it’s often not until flooding occurs that the homeowner is aware of the extent of the problem.
  • Backed up sewer lines: Floods caused by a backed up sewer line are among the most unpleasant and difficult to deal with. In addition to repairing the damage to your home, our team must also be mindful of their health and safety — as well as yours — while they work. Our trained professionals use protective clothing and industry standard best practices for bringing your home back to normal.
  • Fire: Ironically, fire is one of the leading causes of home flooding — after the flames have been put out, the water used to extinguish them can pool on the floor and cause damage. We offer water damage remediation both alone and as part of our fire restoration services. Let our team assess the extent of the flooding and recommend the best course of action.

No matter what the cause of a flood is, Reynolds Restoration Services will do what it takes to restore your home or business quickly and effectively, with respect for your time and your property.

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Commercial & Residential Restoration

Bringing your home or business back to pre-loss condition after a flood involves two stages: cleanup and repair. During the cleanup stage, our goal is to remove the water and all damaged components. This requires:

  • Draining away all standing water
  • Using industrial-strength dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the area
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the floor, walls and other components
  • Securing the affected area and, if necessary, completing temporary repairs to make the property safe
  • Going through all contents and determining whether or not they can be salvaged
  • Disposing of irreparable items and setting aside those that can be restored to pre-loss condition
  • Clearing away any additional debris in the area

Once we’ve completed the initial cleanup, we begin to repair the damage. This involves:

  • Repairing damaged drywall, flooring, windows and siding
  • Cleaning and repairing furniture and appliances
  • Returning everything to its proper place and completing a final cleanup

Every step of this process requires training and expertise — if not done correctly, you run the risk of long-term problems with mold or other complications that can affect you well after the job is done.

Our Service Area

We work with property owners throughout the Baltimore, MD and DC Metro Area, and beyond. We are ideally situated to respond to incidents when they happen and dispatch a team of professionals to your location.

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Filing an Insurance Claim

For many, insurance claims are a necessary part of the water damage restoration process. We’ve worked with all major Baltimore-area insurers — we can help you document the damage and file your claim. We understand the process and are available to assist with the paperwork as necessary.

Why Reynolds Restoration Services?

Reynolds is proud to be a leading water & flood damage restoration contractor for Baltimore homes. We’ve invested heavily to stay on the cutting edge of restoration practices and deliver the best value for everyone we serve. Our team includes professional carpenters, mechanical engineers, plumbing technicians, project managers and other highly trained experts — unlike other restoration companies, we rarely have to subcontract specialized work, which helps us keep costs down and improve turnaround times.

Most importantly, we’re committed to going the extra mile for all our customers. Whether it’s a major repair or a small fix following a storm, we’ll deliver excellent communication and transparency, as well as superior service and expert results. Even a small flood can be stressful, disrupting your life and potentially costing you money. While we can’t undo the damage, we can do our best to make getting your home back to pre-loss condition as painless as possible.

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