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Storm Restoration Services for Baltimore Properties

When a storm damages your home, regaining a sense of stability is critical. Reynolds provides storm damage services in Baltimore that help return your property to pre-loss condition. We provide a fast turnaround for any job and work with all insurance companies to streamline the claims process.

The Impact of Storm & Wind Damage

Cleaning up physical damage to your home or business is the most important priority following a storm. Broken windows, walls and structural components all pose serious safety risks to anyone on or near your property. In addition, working quickly to contain the initial damage from a storm can help prevent larger issues that take longer and cost more to remediate.

The response to your wind damage depends on its severity. Wind damage is often superficial, knocking down branches, breaking shingles and caving-in fences. At Reynolds, we are adept at coming in and evaluating your damage, then cleaning away all of the debris and broken components and making the needed repairs to get your home looking great again.

storm damage restoration baltimore

Sometimes there is more significant damage that involves electricity and potential flooding. Wind can knock down power lines along with the branches, and it can sometimes even lead to leaks and water damage. Reynolds will coordinate with local utility companies and other parties who need to be involved in remediation.

The Reynolds team has extensive experience in storm damage repair for both homes and businesses. We can take on jobs of any size — whether it’s a major repair or a minor issue that requires immediate fixing. We thoroughly document all damage before and after, abiding by your insurer’s policies for reporting and submitting a claim.

Using our extensive in-house resources and expertise, we provide complete turnkey service that will get your property back to pre-loss condition in a timely fashion.

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Commercial & Residential Restoration

Repairing the physical damage to your property is just one component of our storm damage restoration services. We will also clean up any debris on your lawn, including construction materials, fallen tree branches and more. Inside the home or business, we provide odor and mold remediation, as well as individual cleaning of any salvageable contents. We carefully assess your carpets, appliances and other items to determine whether or not they can be restored to pre-loss condition. If necessary, we will inventory and remove items from the job site and send them to our facilities for further attention.

Our approach to remediating storm damage is flexible enough to accommodate properties of any size. However, to ensure every job meets our — and our clients’ — high standards, we take a thorough, step-by-step approach each time. Our repair process includes:

  • Conducting a comprehensive survey of your property to assess the damage and develop a plan to proceed
  • Documenting all visible damage to submit to your insurance company, if applicable
  • Taking steps to secure any loose components and temporarily fix other safety hazards
  • Recording all damaged items and determining whether they can be repaired or should be replaced
  • Clearing the site of any remaining debris
  • Removing any standing water to reduce the risk of further damage
  • Dehumidifying, disinfecting and cleaning all affected areas to prevent mold
  • Replacing all damaged interior and exterior components, including broken windows, siding and drywall

We’ll keep you informed every step of the way, so you’re always aware of the situation. On big jobs, it’s not unusual for our team to identify additional damages once we begin. If that’s the case, we’ll make sure you’re the first to know and, if necessary, alert your insurance company.

No matter how a job progresses, each one starts with your initial contact with our team. For immediate assistance after a storm, call us on our 24-hour emergency line at 1.888.277.8280.

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Why Contact Reynolds Restoration Services First?

The sooner you can reach out to a storm damage restoration professional, the easier and more efficient the remediation process will be. Every hour that your property sits in standing water increases the extent of the damage and the potential for long-term mold and mildew problems. As well, storm-damaged properties can be a serious safety hazard that may expose you to liability.

For these reasons and more, it’s essential to start the repair process as quickly as possible after a storm. In Baltimore, the storm and wind damage restoration professionals at Reynolds are available around the clock to help. Here’s why you can trust us with any repair:

  • We’re licensed, bonded and fully qualified to work with all insurance companies. We’ll help you prepare the paperwork and documentation for your claim. And if you’re paying out of pocket, we’ll work with you to plan a course of repairs that respects your budget.
  • We put customer service first. Extensive storm damage can be traumatic, not to mention inconvenient. We believe that by providing transparent communication and straightforward answers to your questions, we can help you get back on your feet faster and with less stress.
  • We have a team of experts. Repairing storm and wind damage requires a diverse selection of trades and skills. Our expert team includes carpenters, contractors, mechanical engineers, plumbers and project managers, among others. Because we do almost all work in house, we avoid the added expense of outsourcing and can turn around the job faster.

For these reasons and more, we are the choice of demanding home and business owners for storm damage restoration service in Baltimore.

See Our Expertise in Action

Though the damage following a major weather event can be significant, almost every property is repairable. It’s easy to be overwhelmed when surveying the impact of a storm on your home — but it’s important to remember that, with the right partners, you will be back to normal before you know it.

Not convinced? Check out our Restoration Project Portfolio to see before-and-after pictures of some of the properties we’ve worked on in the past. From homes to commercial properties, we’ve taken on jobs of every size.

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