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Commercial Storm & Wind Damage Restoration

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Storm damage can occur in many different forms. Sometimes it’s related to powerful thunderstorms that move through the area. Other times it’s because of hurricanes moving along the East Coast, or even tornadoes in the region. No matter the source, powerful storms can mean roof damage, flood damage, electricity problems, leaks and water damage restoration and more.

That’s why you need a source of storm damage repair near you. At Reynolds, that’s what we provide to our valued customers.

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Storm & Wind Damage Repair Services

At Reynolds, we’re proud to offer storm damage restoration to business owners in Harrisburg, PA. You never know what kind of weather is going to strike. But we’re always here and always a source of expertise and comprehensive capabilities when you need support in getting your property back to pre-loss condition after a storm.

Trust Storm and Wind Damage Restoration to a Professional

Storm damage restoration can be a small job, or it can involve extensive repairs for hail damage and water mitigation. It’s essential to work with a contractor that is flexible and that has the expertise necessary to expedite the work.

Reynolds is a leading storm damage contractor serving businesses in Pennsylvania and the Baltimore/DC metro areas. When you work with us through your disaster recovery, you work with restoration experts that:

  • Respects your time: Our number one priority is to get you back to normal quickly. This doesn’t mean cutting corners and doing half a job — instead, it means doing the work right the first time during a disaster response. Just as importantly, we’ll provide open, transparent communication while the work is in progress, so there are no surprises in the damage cleanup process.
  • Respects your property: At Reynolds, we treat your home or business with the care of a good neighbor. Repairing damage from a major storm can be time-consuming and disruptive — we will make sure we return your property to pre-loss condition, and that the process of doing so is as straightforward as possible.
  • Works with insurers: If you’re filing a storm damage insurance claim for a home or commercial restoration, we’ll help ensure you have the necessary documentation and anything else you need to reduce the risk of delays. Over the years, we’ve worked with all major insurance companies — we know the claims process inside and out, and we will do our best to make it as seamless as possible from start to finish with our insurance company.
  • Works with you: In a major storm damage repair, there are often several ways to proceed. Making big decisions about your storm restoration, replacing damaged components, or upgrading them to prevent future problems, requires a big-picture perspective. We’ll help you make informed choices based on what’s best for your property and best for your budget.

storm and wind damage restoration

The Storm Damage Repair Process

Every storm damage repair begins with our team developing a custom plan to get you back to normal in the best manner possible. No two jobs are the same — the extent and nature of the cleanup and restoration, the type of property that’s affected and your budget for the emergency repair will all affect how we proceed.

We arrive quickly and provide a full evaluation before getting started. Once you agree on the best course of action, we execute cleanup and repairs efficiently and effectively. Typically, the process involves:

  • Taking care of any immediate, emergency repairs necessary to secure your property and prevent further damage
  • Clearing out any debris on the property itself and removing any water that remains
  • Drying and dehumidifying the area using specialized equipment that prevents future mold remediation and aids in removal
  • Commercial cleaning and disinfecting all affected surfaces like floor and carpet cleaning
  • Completing any structural repairs and replacing broken windows, siding and other components
  • Cleaning and repairing all salvageable contents as necessary and returning them to their proper place

Of course, every natural disaster project is different. Smaller jobs where the damage is limited to the exterior will involve fewer restoration process steps. However, no matter how big a job is, we’ll do our due diligence and complete a thorough inspection to make sure there is no hidden damage that can affect your property later.

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Who We Serve

We also offer our storm damage repair services in Philadelphia, PA, where extreme weather can strike any time of year. Our team is adept at simple cleanup and repairs, taking care of downed fences and missing shingles. And we can also participate in more significant cleanup and restoration work that involve electrical issues or structural damage, as well as flooding-related and water damage.

Baltimore’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean makes it a prime target for tropical storms and hurricanes moving up the Eastern Seaboard. These powerful storms can cause serious damage to homes, which is why we’re proud to serve as Baltimore’s best choice for storm damage services.

Residential Storm Damage Recovery

While we take on storm damage recovery projects for large industrial and commercial properties, we also specialize in compassionate care for homeowners. We understand that, following a major storm, the process of filing an insurance claim and arranging repairs can be daunting. That’s why we do our best to make it as simple as possible.

We do this through a combination of expertise and great customer service. Our staff, as well as our ongoing investment in training and technology, enables us to get any job done to the highest standard of quality. Our focus on great service ensures you always know how the work is progressing, so there’s no added stress and no confusion.

Reynolds for Storm & Wind Restoration

At Reynolds, we begin each job with a thorough evaluation of your property. We can quickly assess the significance of the damage and make recommendations on the best path forward. Once the work begins, we move quickly and efficiently to deliver the desired outcome — and a home that looks just as it did before the wind damage occurred. For damaged and caved-in roofing, for fallen fences, broken windows and much more, we can provide the fast and effective solutions you need. Contact us today!

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