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Knowing that you have help after a home or business fire goes a long way toward reducing the pain and trauma that a fire can cause. The priority is quick and thorough fire damage cleanup and repair so that you can get back into your home or workplace. If you’re a customer in or around Philadelphia, PA, rely on Reynolds for all of your fire damage restoration needs.

Our experienced crews are available around the clock to get in and start cleanup as soon as the fire has been put out and the fire crews have ensured the safety of your home or building. We provide complete turnkey restoration services and will work to get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

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The Fire Damage Restoration Process

Returning your home or business to pre-loss condition is a complex process that can be divided roughly into two stages: cleanup and repair. During the cleanup phase, our goal is to get a full picture of the extent of the damage — including which components need repair and which can be fixed. From there, we’ll have a clearer understanding of how to proceed and what work will be required.

Doing this typically requires:

  • Removing all fire-damaged contents
  • Cleaning up water left from fire crews
  • Removing burnt floor, wall and ceiling materials
  • Tearing out loose and damaged materials
  • Removing soot from all surfaces
  • Protecting and tarping broken roofs, windows and doors
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all fire-damaged areas

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Next Steps: Fire Damage Repair in Philadelphia

Once we’ve performed cleanup of your fire damage, we can get a better look at the state of your home. Our crews have experience assessing fire damage and planning for all necessary repairs to the structure, electrical, plumbing and HVAC installations, floor, wall and ceiling finishes and other restoration tasks.

To simplify the process, Reynolds plans the necessary restoration and repair steps to get you back into your home or business:

  • Making structural repairs including roofing and walls
  • Replacing damaged electrical wiring and receptacles
  • Installing new drywall and floor coverings
  • Sanding and painting all surfaces
  • Repairing damaged windows and doors

Contact Reynolds today so that we can return your fire-damaged home or business in Philadelphia to pre-loss condition as quickly and efficiently as possible!

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Why Reynolds Restoration Services?

Reynolds has a long history of helping Philadelphia residents in their most vulnerable moments. We know the dramatic impact a fire on your property can have. We believe that by providing expert service, excellent communication and full transparency in our work, we can be a vital ally, helping relieve your stress so you can focus on returning to normal.

We’re not the only fire damage restoration contractor in Philadelphia, but we’re the only company that combines in-house expertise with a commitment to customer service. Here are a few of the reasons why you should contact us first:

  • We’re available around-the-clock: Even after a fire has been put out, your home is still at risk — standing water can lead to mold and mildew problems, while damaged infrastructure can create unsafe conditions. For these reasons, it’s essential to work with a contractor that can respond quickly in the event of an emergency. Reynolds is unique among Philadelphia fire damage cleanup companies in that we’re available around the clock to start the remediation process.
  • We have an expert team: The Reynolds team includes highly trained, experienced mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers, contractors, carpenters, estimators and project managers, among other construction professionals. Unlike other restoration companies, we don’t have to outsource or subcontract specialized tasks. As a result, we’re better positioned to get the job done on-time and on-schedule, to a higher standard of quality.
  • We are your partner in a difficult time: Nothing can undo the damage caused by a fire in your home or business. But expert service from a qualified professional can go a long way toward getting your life back to normal. We’ll listen to you and communicate effectively as we work, so there are no surprises to cause you additional stress.
  • We give you the information you need: We are mutually invested in the success of your restoration process — and education is a big part of that. Often, there are many ways to complete a fire restoration. We help you make informed decisions about repairing or replacing individual components, taking into account the larger perspective and not just the bottom line.

For these reasons and more, Reynolds Restoration is your best choice for fire damage repair in Philadelphia. We are fully licensed, bonded and qualified to work with all major home insurers. We can even help you file a claim, reducing the risk of administrative delays and other problems.

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Residential Fire Repair for Philadelphia Homes

A fire in your home can instantly upend your life. In addition to the emotional toll caused by the loss of sentimental objects, there’s also the inconvenience of being out of your house while repairs are in progress. By expediting the cleanup and repair processes, Reynolds will work to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

With an office in King of Prussia, PA, we are well-positioned to respond to incidents anywhere in the Philadelphia Metro Area. We have a long history of working in the region and a commitment to the homes and families we serve.

Commercial Fire Restoration Services for Philadelphia Businesses

While we’re proud to serve Philadelphia-area homes, we’re also capable of taking on jobs of any size. We understand the toll that fire repair can have on your business — from lost inventory to lost productivity, the cost of getting back to work can be high. We’ll coordinate with you to plan the repairs in a way that makes sense and minimizes downtime.

We are invested in the communities we serve. We see ourselves as a partner more than a vendor — we’ll work to earn your trust and fulfill our promises, whether it’s a small job or a major fire restoration on a large commercial complex.

See Our Expertise in Action

It’s normal to feel powerless in the immediate aftermath of a fire. However, it’s important to remember that most damage is repairable to some extent. Many of our customers find it helpful to see before-and-after photographs of fire damage restoration projects we’ve completed for other Philadelphia properties.

Check out our Restoration Project Gallery to see real-life examples of the transformative effect our expertise can have on a fire damaged property.

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