Fire & Smoke Damage

Commercial Fire Damage Cleaning & Restoration

Reynolds knows that a fire and smoke damage are both traumatizing and destructive to a business. When a loss occurs, it’s important to have a restoration company with the expertise and resources to get your business restored to its pre-loss condition. At Reynolds, we will partner with your insurance carrier to assist you in rebuilding your property as quickly as possible.

The hassle, inconvenience and pain of a fire are already hard to deal with, so turn to a trusted professional with the experience and equipment to take care of your fire cleanup, repair and restoration. Fire-damaged structures can be dangerous, so it is important to avoid going inside until we’ve had a chance to assess the integrity and safety of your building, as well as to clean out all burnt and damaged contents.

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The Fire Restoration Process

Fire is, of course, highly destructive, but in addition to the impact of the flames themselves, there is also the effect of smoke and water damage to consider. Because of this, fire and smoke restoration is a complex, multi-step process that demands a carefully considered approach. Every fire is different, and there is no one-fits-all solution for restoring a property to pre-loss condition.

fire and smoke damage restoration

Some of the main elements of fire damage restoration services include:

  • Securing the property by boarding up windows and tarping the roof to prevent additional damage
  • Pumping out any remaining water used to extinguish the fire and using dehumidifiers and air movers to prevent mold and mildew
  • Reviewing and itemizing all remaining furniture and possessions to determine what can and can’t be salvaged
  • Removing smoke and soot from any salvageable components using a combination of scrubbers, ozone treatments and other tools
  • Deodorizing and sanitizing all fabrics and furniture to prevent mold and odors
  • Rebuilding damaged drywall, cabinets, carpentry and other components
  • Repainting walls, re-installing appliances and other final touches to bring back your property to as close as it was before as possible

Fire restoration can be a time-consuming process. Having an appropriate plan in place before work begins is critical to a contractor’s ability to deliver on their promises. When you work with Reynolds Restoration, we’ll outline everything we need to do and clearly explain to you the steps involved, so we’re always on the same page.

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Why Experience Matters

Many businesses claim to be fire and smoke restoration experts, but few have the history and track record of Reynolds Restoration. Our customers trust us in their most difficult moments, and, in return, we provide:

  • Reliable tools and proven techniques: Reynolds invests in the latest tools and technologies and provides ongoing training opportunities for our team, to ensure we’re always using the latest and most advanced methods available.
  • In-house expertise: Reynolds has a large team that includes contractors and mechanical engineers as well as project management and administrative support professionals. While other fire damage restoration companies contract out specialized tasks, we have the expertise to take on any repair. As a result, big, complicated jobs go smoother, communication is more effective and, ultimately, the work is completed to a higher standard of quality.
  • Big-picture thinking: Often, fire damage restoration comes down to a decision to repair or replace individual components. This decision is often more than just economic — as part of the healing process following a traumatic incident, it’s not uncommon for customers to want to preserve their furniture and other items whenever possible. In these and similar situations, we’ll help you make an informed decision that takes into account more than just the bottom line.
  • Credentials you — and your insurer — can trust: Reynolds Restoration is fully licensed and bonded to provide fire damage restoration services. We’ve worked with major insurance companies and can provide assistance filing a claim and putting together the necessary paperwork to make the process go smoothly.
  • Communication and transparency: Uncertainty about the progress of repairs following a fire only adds to your stress. We’ll provide you with a single point of contact who is available to answer your questions at any time. Because we keep all repairs in house, we’ll always be able to provide accurate, informed updates.

See some of the work we’ve done for homes and businesses like yours by visiting our Featured Projects page to see our experience:


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Residential Restoration Services

Any fire is upsetting, but when it’s your home that’s been affected, it’s all the more vital that you have support. At Reynolds, we see our role in the fire restoration process as one that’s essential to your peace of mind. By making repairs easy, we’ll work to reduce your stress and help you get back to normal faster.

We understand the personal value that the items impacted by fire damage have to our customers. It can be troubling to see items such as family heirlooms, antiques, and other nostalgic property affected by fire damage. This is why we take great care in cleaning, storing, and returning these valuables for our customers.

Make us your first choice for home fire damage services in any of our restoration areas.

Our Locations

Our multiple locations are key to our ability to effectively respond in the event of a fire. Over the years, we’ve grown considerably, expanding our reach to provide prompt and professional fire damage restoration services to homes and businesses within a wide geographic range. Today, Reynolds Restoration Services has several locations, including:

  • Harrisburg, PA: Our Harrisburg location allows us to quickly reach out to residents and businesses in and around Harrisburg after a fire and provide fast and thorough cleanup. Once we’ve cleaned out your contents, we can assess the extent of the fire and smoke damage and communicate with you and your insurance company to plan and execute the repairs necessary to get you back into your home, office or other building.
  • Philadelphia, PA: As soon as it’s safe, we get in and inspect your building to start our fire damage cleaning and restoration. With extensive fire damage experience and professional fire restoration equipment, we make quick work of your fire-damaged building and restore it to like-new condition.
  • Baltimore/Metro DC: We’ve expanded beyond Pennsylvania into Maryland to offer our expert fire damage cleanup and restoration services to Baltimore residents who have suffered a devastating fire. We’ll clean out all damaged contents, clean and repair all smoke-damaged areas of your home or building and make restorations where fire has significantly damaged your structure, inside and out.
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