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When you’ve suffered from damaging fire, storm or catastrophe, it’s important to start cleaning and repairing right away. In an emergency situation, the sooner we can assess the damage and begin the restoration process, the sooner you can get back in your house or business.

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Our team here at Reynolds Restoration Services has the experience and equipment to repair damages as efficiently as possible. We can take care of any type of emergency, using industry-standard best practices and sophisticated tools to restore your home or business to pre-loss condition.

Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration: The combination of flames, smoke and water damage when putting out a residential or commercial fire can significantly damage a business or home. Our team gets to work removing all affected and damaged materials and plans for rebuilding to restore your property as soon as possible. Our goal is to reduce the pain and inconvenience of a fire with fast response time and get you back into your home or business quickly. When a disaster strikes, we have professional fire and smoke damage equipment available 24/7 for biohazard cleanup. Smoke damage and fire damage restoration can be challenging to remediate, particularly when the structural integrity of the building has been compromised. Our team begins each fire restoration by developing a comprehensive plan to remediate the damage, taking care to preserve as much of your home or business and its contents as possible.


Water & Flood Damage Restoration: Water from a storm or flood doesn’t just damage the contents of your home or building, it also creates an environment for potential mold growth, including black mold, and rot problems if not treated quickly and correctly. Water can also damage electrical, plumbing and HVAC installations. Our Reynolds emergency crews are available 24 hours a day for water damage restoration, and we’ll rush to your location as soon as possible to start the drying process before it has the chance to create more structural damage. If not done quickly or properly, flood damage restoration can lead to more long-term problems than it solves. Reynolds Restoration longstanding record as a partner to insurers and reputation for success in restoring water damage means peace of mind for our customers. When a flood strikes and you are in need of water damage restoration or sewage cleanup, you’re in the right hands when you work with our team.

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Storm Damage Restoration: While major storms are rare, a mix of wind, snow, hail and rain can cause significant damage to your home, office or business facility. Our trained crews start by clearing out contents and debris and securing your building and property to ensure the safety and security of your family, employees and community. Thanks to our years of general construction experience and disaster response, we can take care of all types of building repair and restoration and get you back into your space again. Our team is available when you need us to take immediate action following a damaging storm. We have a wide range of technicians in house, from construction professionals to mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers. As a result, our restoration specialists are well-positioned to take on the complex challenges that storm damage remediation presents.


Mold Remediation: After discovering evidence of bacterial growth, mold removal is crucial and not easy to remove. It takes an experienced professional like Reynolds to identify all affected locations and thoroughly remediate both residential and commercial mold. To prevent persistent mold, we’ll also give you tips and pointers for avoiding mold growth in the future. If you’re already experiencing mold or want to keep it from occurring in the first place, our team can assess your property and begin a mold remediation plan to help keep your premises dry and mold-free. Mold damage can be one of the most challenging types of damage to repair — if the odor removal is not fully confirmed, the problem will likely recur weeks or months later, leading to strong odors, health problems and potential structural damage to your commercial property or home. Reynolds Restoration technicians undergo comprehensive training to fully remove the most challenging mold infestations through mold damage restoration.


Odor Mitigation and Contents Cleaning: Returning your home or commercial restoration project to pre-loss condition goes beyond the building itself. Reynolds also provides restoration of the building contents including content pack-out, documentation, storage, carpet cleaning, restoration, as well as return. We understand the value beyond your personal belongings which is why we guarantee immediate action and rapid turnaround to return your possessions as soon as possible. The days and weeks following a storm, fire or another catastrophic event can be highly traumatic. Often, our customers come to us in a vulnerable state seeking disaster restorations. We believe the best way to serve them in this difficult time is to be professional, transparent and respectful — by delivering on our promises and getting the job done right, we’ll help you return to normal quickly.

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With locations in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, Reynolds is your emergency restoration services partner. View our full coverage map here to work with our restoration experts.

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At Reynolds Restoration Services, we believe our reputation speaks for itself. We’re proud of the damage repair we offer and the vital role it plays in helping our customers find peace of mind following a fire, storm or flood. See our damage restoration services in action and view before-and-after photos for some of our most challenging projects here:

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Since emergencies don’t keep regular hours, neither does Reynolds. Our experienced staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency response at our contact information provided. We can be at your side within 90 minutes to provide quick, efficient emergency damage restoration. We will assist you with filing insurance claims. Reynolds has the experience, manpower and state-of-the-art equipment necessary to get you back on your feet and into your property as soon as possible.

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24-Hour Service

With services available 24 hours a day, Reynolds Restoration is there for you when you need us. Thanks to our long history in commercial and residential damage restoration, we know that every minute counts after an incident. The faster we can respond, the more likely we will be able to prevent further damage to your property and its contents.

We offer 24-hour restoration services from three locations serving Central PA and the Philadelphia, Baltimore and DC metro areas. If you need damage restoration services of any kind, contact us first. We’ll come to your site and begin cleanup, repairs and restoration to help minimize the inconvenience and trauma for you.

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