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Southern Fulton Southern Fulton

Project Background

Reynolds was hired by Southern Fulton School District for an investment grade audit and performance contract for a combined PlanCon/ESCo project at the Southern Fulton Junior/Senior High School.

Prior to hiring Reynolds, the district had several architectural studies provided to outline needed renovations of the facility. All of the studies pointed to projects that the district simply could not afford to undertake. After exhausting conventional means to address the needed facility improvements, the district turned to Reynolds for help in developing a project that would meet their needs and stay within their budget.

Reynolds provided an energy audit and worked with the district’s architect to develop a project that combined a performance contract with a traditional PlanCon renovation project and that addressed the district’s urgent needs as cost effectively as possible.

One of the first components of the GESA project was to look at alternative heating fuel sources to fuel oil. Reynolds did a survey and discovered a natural gas pipeline approximately two and a half miles away. Reynolds negotiated on behalf of the district and secured a contract for the installation of the necessary gas line.

Project Specs

Solution: Energy
Project Cost: $3,349,878
Guaranteed Annual Savings: $61,363

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