Souderton Area School District


Project Background

Souderton Area School District hired Reynolds to manage the additions and renovations to E.M. Crouthamel Elementary School. The District will use a hybrid of a traditional publicly bid design/bid/build project and a PA Act 77 Guaranteed Energy Savings Act project component. The first part of the project was to complete a GESA project during the summer of 2016 in the existing building. A later phase, being considered in 2017, is to provide additions to the existing building and replacement of modular classrooms (which were not part of the 2016 GESA).

Phase I – Completed in Summer 2016
During Phase I, after receiving approval at the end of March 2016, Reynolds delivered a completed GESA building upgrade in three months of the summer of 2016. The project in the existing 26,225 square foot building was completed in time for school in the fall and included obtaining a natural gas service from PECO, replacement of unreliable boiler and heating system with condensing boilers, and upgraded HVAC/air-conditioning and DDC controls. Upgrades to the electrical system and lighting replacement also occurred. Toilet conversions for ADA, window replacements, other finishes upgrades in corridors/classrooms, and bus canopy upgrades were completed. A new corridor lift was added to provide accessibility to an existing classroom wing. Upon completion of the phase, $100,000 was provided back to the District for efficiencies found in scopes of work during construction.

Phase II – Planned for 2017
Phase II includes a new 18,750-square-foot addition that will include a new kitchen, gym/cafeteria, stage, band room, chorus room, and other classrooms. Phase II also includes approximately 7,475 square feet of alterations of the area that currently houses the kitchen, gym/cafeteria, and stage. This area will house the new library and several classrooms. Site work consists of demolishing the existing temporary classrooms, removal of paving and playgrounds as required to build the new addition, installing new paving to access the rear of the building, new parking, and new play areas.

Project Specs

Solutions: Energy
Project Cost: $3,937,872 (Phase I GESA only)
Guaranteed Annual Savings: $23,101

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