Saint Clair Area School District

Saint Clair Saint Clair
Saint Clair Saint Clair

Project Background

The Saint Clair Area School District awarded Reynolds a contract to provide an energy savings performance contract for the Saint Clair Area Elementary/Middle School in preparation for the school’s PlanCon renovations.

Reynolds performed the preliminary audit, energy benchmarking, and the investment grade audit of the related systems to identify potential energy savings. Reynolds then developed a comprehensive project that accounted for the planned additions to the school.

The project included several energy efficiency measures, including replacing two existing boilers with high-efficiency boilers, building-wide controls upgrade, variable primary pumping, heat recovery, demand controlled ventilation, lighting retrofits, and implementation of a low-cost/no-cost energy savings program.

Project Specs

Solution: Energy
Project Cost: $1,468,308
Guaranteed Annual Savings: $48,175
Year 1 Savings Measured: $52,451

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