Pottstown School District

Pottstown Pottstown gym
Pottstown Pottstown gym

Project Background

The Pottstown School District and Reynolds Energy Services have worked together to address energy efficiency and infrastructure needs in all district buildings.

Reynolds was initially hired to complete an energy conservation and efficiency study for the district’s high school and middle school. Subsequently, Reynolds was hired by the district to perform a guaranteed energy savings project for the Pottstown Middle School and Pottstown High School.

Following the completion of the project at the middle and high schools, the district worked with an architect to design and implement a renovation of the four district elementary schools. The district had a project budget of $2.5 million to spend on the renovations, which fell short of addressing all the identified needs. Through the combination of a performance contract and the proposed renovation, the district met all their needs while not spending beyond their budget. All four elementary schools received LEED certification, and the project received the 2016 LEED Project of the Year award from USBGC Central Pennsylvania.

Project Specs

Solution: Energy
Project Cost: $5.5 million
Guaranteed Annual Savings:

  • Phase 1 (MS/HS) – $133,016
  • Phase 2 (Barth) – $23,151
  • Phase 3 (Franklin, Lincoln, Rupert) – $58,796

Year 1 Savings Measured (Phases 1 and 2 only): $229,321 (exceeded annual guaranteed savings by 47%)


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