Palmyra Area School District

Palmyra Palmyra
Palmyra Palmyra

Project Background

Reynolds was hired by the Palmyra Area School District to provide a guaranteed energy savings performance contract at Lingle Avenue Elementary School, Pine Street Elementary School, Northside Elementary School, and High School.

Reynolds provided a comprehensive building analysis of each of the facilities and worked with the district to develop a targeted scope of work with the primary goal being to move away from a proprietary building automation system to an open-protocol system, while providing a significant reduction in the overall utility and operations and maintenance costs for those facilities.

Reynolds is currently working with the district to develop another phase that is targeting a combined PlanCon/GESA addition and renovation project at the Palmyra Area Middle School.

Project Specs

Solutions: Energy
Project Cost: $2,224,422
Guaranteed Annual Savings: $243,710

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