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K12 Neshaminy K12 Neshaminy Neshaminy Neshaminy
K12 Neshaminy K12 Neshaminy Neshaminy Neshaminy

Project Background

Construction Management

Neshaminy School District hired Reynolds as construction manager for the major additions and renovations project at the Neshaminy High School. There are 162,000 square feet of renovations to the existing facility and a 263,000-square-foot addition.

The school accommodates 2,800 students with space for District administrative offices. The new additions include a wellness center, auxiliary gym with climbing wall, locker rooms, academic and large group instruction classrooms, science labs, art, technical education shops and classrooms, and music and band classrooms.

In addition to the high school, Reynolds completed construction management for the new $26.1 million, 110,000-square-foot Tawanka Elementary School.


Neshaminy School District awarded a contract to Reynolds to perform a $20.8 million performance contract for Hoover Elementary School, Schweitzer Elementary School, and Sandburg Middle School in combination with their PlanCon project.

Prior to hiring Reynolds, the District had commissioned a feasibility study for needs at three buildings. Upon the completion of the study, the architect presented several options for consideration. The lowest cost option was a $38 million renovation, which was still beyond district’s budget. At this point, Reynolds was hired to develop and implement a surgical capital improvement and energy conservation project.

The design team, Reynolds, and the District modified the scope and incorporated several new ideas from Reynolds to present a program, using a bond refinancing and guaranteed energy savings from the performance contract, that would allow for the upgrades at Hoover, Schweizer, and Sandburg as well as a new $26 million elementary school at no impact to the district’s tax payers.

In June of 2015, Reynolds was awarded an amendment to provide energy-related and systems upgrades at the Sandburg Middle School Pool, Ferderbar Elementary School, and Poquessing Middle School. This amendment is valued at just under $9 million.

Project Specs

Solutions: Construction Management
Architect: ATS&R
Square Feet: 263,000 new construction, 162,000 renovations
Construction Cost: $72.4 million

Solutions: Energy
Guaranteed Annual Savings: $38,486
Year 1 Savings Measured: $70,963

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