Mifflin County School District

Mifflin Mifflin
Mifflin Mifflin

Project Background

Reynolds Energy Services was hired by the Mifflin County School District to provide a guaranteed energy savings performance contract at the Indian Valley Intermediate and Elementary School.

The district took a building that was originally constructed as a high school and re-purposed it as an intermediate and elementary school. The district had only $9.6 million to address the deficiencies of this 1950’s vintage school while the needs identified totaled slightly more than $14 million. Initially, the district’s architect simply reduced the scope of the work to fit the district’s budget. But the district was not satisfied with the final scope and began to search for alternative means to address this work.

By incorporating a performance contract into this project, the district was able to address more of the building’s needs than they would have by a traditional PlanCon renovation project approach.

This project received the U.S. Green Building Council of Central Pennsylvania’s 2015 Energy Sector Project of the Year award.

Project Specs

Solution: Energy
Project Cost: $3.4 million
Guaranteed Annual Savings: $99,194
Year 1 Savings Measured: $139,596 (exceeded annual guaranteed savings by 41%)

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