Indiana County Jail

Project Background

The Indiana County Jail Planning Committee spent 10 months considering options to replace, enlarge, or renovate their 32-year-old county jail. Their existing facility was often overcrowded, lacked modern standards, and failed to meet several state and federal regulations.

In the end, the Committee chose to build a new 98,860-square-foot county prison on 33 acres in White Township, which was preferable due to its proximity to the County courthouse. Reynolds managed the construction of the 216-bed facility, which accommodates both male and female inmates in two-tier housing units. The project also included a 2,268-square-foot kitchen.

In addition, the prison was designed for future expansion to house an additional 96 inmates in 48 cells.

Project Specs

Solutions: Construction
Architect: L. Robert Kimball & Associates
Square Feet: 98,860 new construction
Construction Cost: $22.8 million

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