Centennial School District

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Project Background

Reynolds, Stantec, and Centennial School District were teamed for an addition and renovation project to the William Tennent High School.

The project included the construction of two new classroom wings that replaced an existing open-floor plan academic building as well as major renovations throughout the remainder of the building.

Centennial then hired Reynolds for program and pre-construction management services for three elementary school projects. The district consolidated six elementary schools into three. One elementary school was renovated and two new schools were built. As a result of the consolidation, the district reduced their gross square footage by 90,000 and acreage by 42, thereby reducing operating expenses by more than $560,000 per year.

Project Specs

Solutions: Construction Management
Architect: Stantec
Square Feet: 547.111 new construction & 246.242 renovations
Construction Cost: $126.1 million

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