Reynolds Sponsors Icehouse Demonstration Project

Reynolds Sponsors Icehouse Demonstration Project

Harrisburg, PA Reynolds announced sponsorship of the PA Housing and Finance Agency (PAHF) and U.S. Green Building Council Central PA Chapter’s Icehouse Demonstration Project, a project aimed at bringing attention to the energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of high performance building solutions, that was unveiled this morning on the Capitol steps.

The demonstration project consisted of the construction of two 8’x8’x8’ icehouses; one built to 2009 International Energy Conservation Code, the code requirement here in PA and the other to above-code, or high performance standards. Members of the Reynolds team, led by Vice President of Pre-Construction Services, Todd Buzard, LEED AP built the icehouses and assisted with the placement of them on the staircase at the Capitol. Each structure has large blocks of ice inside and the temperature and ice melt will be closely monitored for the next three weeks. Deemed “Demonstration Day”, the icehouses were unveiled this morning at a press conference and our CEO, David S. Angle was asked to offer some remarks.

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