Reynolds Gets in the Game

This past weekend, September 21-22, 2018, gamers from 20 colleges across the country gathered in downtown Harrisburg to compete their way to esports victory. HUE Festival, the largest collegiate esports competition to date, took place in several of Whitaker Center’s state-of-the-art facilities–including the 200-seat Select Medical Digital Cinema, Discovery Lab classrooms, and the newest practice suite built by Reynolds.

In April of 2018, Reynolds was selected by the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology to provide construction management services for the construction of the new Esports Practice Suite. This eye-catching space is nothing short of a gamer’s paradise. The suite, located on the basement level of Whitaker Center, features 30 playing stations grouped in pairs of 2, 4, and 6 that sit on a raised floor with LED backlight behind the step up. There is a center meeting table that sits up to 20 people, as wells as a coach’s office and a gamer’s lounge. The most important feature, however, is the technology that powers the room. Reynolds installed state-of-the-art hydrocooled computers and 17 connected displays that can work independently or sync’d together to create a single 24’x9′ screen that stretches the width of the wall. Completed, this practice suite is one of the most advanced esports suites in the world.

In recent years, esports teams have been popping up throughout college campuses across the US. That growth is what pushed Harrisburg University to join the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) last fall, as well as partner with Whitaker Center to create a space for Storm, the university’s newly formed team, to practice and compete. Reynolds is proud to have provided our services for this one-of-a-kind project and wish the gamers much success in their future competitions.

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