Employee Spotlight: David Angle

Dave Angle

Meet David Angle, CEO, Reynolds Enterprises

As Reynolds celebrates 25 years in 2019, we asked CEO David Angle to reflect on the last two and a half decades with the company.

Describe the early days of Reynolds. How many employees were there?

When Reynolds was established in 1994, there were 28 employees. Four of those original employees (Jerry Myers, Jeff Merritt, Todd Buzard, and I) still work with Reynolds today. Three others (Damion Spahr, Ken Baker, and Rick Evans) started with Reynolds, left briefly, and came back.

What were the company’s first projects?

Reynolds Construction Management, as Reynolds was known in 1994, was solely focused on agency construction management until 1998 when Hershey Lodge & Convention Center hired us as construction manager at-risk for a $21 million project. Our first agency CM project was with Cornwall Lebanon School District. [read more about this project here]

What roles have you served at Reynolds? Describe your journey to CEO.

I have served as project manager, project executive, vice president, and president prior to becoming CEO in 2014. My first project working with Rick Reynolds, the founder of Reynolds Construction Management, was as the project manager at Carbon County Prison. We both worked for Alexander Construction Management at the time. When Rick left Alexander to start Reynolds as its president and CEO, I became vice president of Reynolds.

Reynolds has a history of giving back to Harrisburg. How have you shaped Reynolds’ philanthropic legacy?

To understand Reynolds’ legacy of philanthropy, you must understand Reynolds’ influences prior to 1994, mostly in the form of Bill Alexander at Alexander Construction Management who was an ardent supporter of the United Way. Rick Reynolds was also influenced by Bill’s enthusiasm for the United Way. When Rick founded Reynolds in 1994, he made sure to carry the spirit of philanthropy with him to the new company. To this day, the United Way is the recipient of Reynolds’ largest employee donation campaign, and we’ve added several additional non-profits to our list of charitable giving.

What is your favorite project to have worked on?

There are two projects that really stand out to me as favorites: Bedford Springs Resort in Bedford and the Chisuk Emuna synagogue across the street from our Harrisburg office. Bedford Springs is a beautiful and grand resort in the center of the state. In addition to being very proud of Reynolds’ role in restoring the resort to its original glory, I enjoy learning about its history and going there to relax. It’s not often that you get to see construction progress from your office window, so when we were building Chisuk Emuna, I enjoyed our proximity to the jobsite. The congregation was a fantastic client and the friendliest we’ve ever worked with.

What are some of your favorite memories of Reynolds?

It’s not a particular event as much as it’s the people. My coworkers care about each other and our clients, and they set the tone for a fun and pleasant office.

Who are your influencers/where do you draw inspiration?

Bill Alexander and Rick Reynolds were big influences on me and the successful path that Reynolds took. I draw inspiration from the clients we work for. For example, I recently attended the grand opening of the Women and Babies Unit at UPMC Pinnacle, and I was struck by the dedication of the nursing staff and doctors at the hospital. We’re a part of the process of changing lives, and building a good facility shapes the process. We’re part of more than a building; we’re bettering the lives of families. I’m similarly inspired by the teachers and staff in the schools we build and the way the schools shape the lives of the students. It’s inspiring to be part of that process.

What do you do to unwind?

It took me a while to learn how to compartmentalize and leave work at the office so that the stress doesn’t build up too intensely. I want to be fully present when I’m at home so that I can relax and have fun with my family. When I do practice relaxation, it’s by golfing or doing yard work.

What makes you proud of the last 25 years?

I’m proud of our employees whose careers have advanced in the industry. Some have advanced within the Reynolds organization and some have left Reynolds and gone on to be successful in their own companies. There are former Reynolds employees all over central Pennsylvania who are owners, presidents, and leaders, and it’s nice to know Reynolds played a role in shaping their success. I’m also immensely proud of the current leadership team, the corporate culture we’ve built, our reputation within the industry, and all of our projects.

What do you think has been the key to success for Reynolds?

Definitely our people and our corporate culture, but also being able to take advantage of opportunities when they’re presented to us. Our energy, commissioning, and emergency restoration divisions were all borne out of opportunity. We’ve done a good job of staying flexible when the market changes. We’ve never put all our eggs in one basket.

What tough lessons have you learned since Reynolds started in 1994?

People skills such as communication, respect, listening, and taking others’ ideas into consideration. My way isn’t always the best way, and that’s a tough lesson I’ve had to learn over the years.

About Reynolds

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