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Enhanced District Options Study

What Is EDOS?

EDOS stands for Enhanced District Options Study. Its goal is to establish scope, conceptual design, and project cost expectations. The EDOS study assesses your district’s current state, identifies vision and objectives, and maps out an action plan for how you’ll achieve your goals.


What Are the Objectives of EDOS?

1. Support district strategic planning

  • Evaluate facilities in terms of operating cost efficiency
  • Evaluate facilities in terms of supporting educational programming

2. Positively impact district financial and operational performance

  • Minimize local tax impact of building program
  • Reduce operating and construction costs when possible

3. Consider features that are proven to positively impact student achievement and safety

  • Intentional design process focused on student experience
  • Update systems to improve indoor environmental quality
  • Integrate safety and security upgrades


What Are the Outcomes of EDOS?

  • Improved student and staff performance
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Enhanced district competitiveness
  • Addressed aging capital infrastructure


Why Is Reynolds the Best Choice for EDOS?

  • Reynolds has a track record of accomplishments serving Pennsylvania K-12 schools
  • Reynolds has a transparent and cost-effective approach
  • Reynolds has expertise in energy, health and safety, finance, grant writing, project management, and construction


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