Hybrid Construction

Advantages of Using a Hybrid Procurement Method

Hybrid Procurement Method

Time Savings! Projects can be designed/constructed in a much shorter timeframe than traditional methods using public bidding or be designed in parallel with a design-bid-build project.

Preferred Materials! The Owner and selected GESA firm can jointly choose the products and materials to be used in the construction, without the need to specify three manufacturers; a preferred manufacturer can be the basis of design for any building system or component with alternate bids to maintain competition among subcontractors and vendors.

Higher Quality! The Owner and selected GESA firm can jointly determine a list of subcontractors allowed to price the project and are not subject to public bidding; choosing three to five pre-qualified and preferred bidders assures a high quality of construction and installation at a cost that rivals public bidding.

Guaranteed Energy Savings! The project is fully commissioned and energy savings are guaranteed, in units of energy, at the meter.

Post-Project Support! The post-project support for training, warranty, systems integration, and energy usage monitoring is far greater than anything provided by traditional procurement means.

Maximized Funding! The size (scope/price) of the energy project can be adjusted to maximize PLANCON funding (if your project is eligible) and to set desirable bid packages in the project’s publicly bid portion, minimizing risk/potential for bad contractors from public bids.

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