Reynolds’ retro-commissioning service is applied to buildings that have been constructed and occupied but not yet commissioned and/or are not operating as the client desires. Our documented process identifies low-cost operational and maintenance improvements to be made in an existing facility and seeks to bring aging buildings up to the design intent for its current energy usage.

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Typically focused on mechanical equipment, lighting and related controls, a retro-commissioning project offers the following facility improvements:


  • Improved indoor air quality: This ensures that your occupants enjoy the safest and healthiest environment possible. It promotes your structure as a place that is welcoming to guests, employees and others who may visit.
  • Enhanced occupant comfort: One of the great challenges in any commercial building is optimizing it for occupant comfort. This is a particular challenge for older buildings that have perhaps been reconfigured at different times throughout their lifespans.
  • Sophisticated control of building systems and equipment: The owner enjoys maximum control over a building’s many systems and equipment through improvements made during the retro-commissioning phase. These improvements help ensure that your tenants enjoy time spent in the structure and that you can be responsive to needs of the facility.
  • Exceptional energy and resource efficiency: Maximize your operational savings through energy retro-commissioning. Operating a building can be expensive, but these improvements ensure that it runs at the lowest possible cost and environmental impact. This helps ensure that you get maximum value out of your retro-commissioning efforts by creating a bottom-line impact.

In short, our retro-commissioning service is all about enhancing the experience of the end user. We want your building to be a place where guests and customers enjoy visiting and where team members enjoy working.

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Consensus and Investigation

The Reynolds method to retro-commissioning is a two-phase client-focused approach. The first phase focuses on consensus and investigation, which is simply looking for and identifying opportunities to alleviate issues that you have noticed in your structure, or making recommendations for updates and upgrades that may not be top-of-mind issues coming in.

We have a significant amount of experience in energy retro-commissioning, which means that we can provide an immense amount of value during the consensus and investigation phase.

Corrections and Verification

The second phase involves corrections and verification. During this phase, we make the changes and upgrades necessary to get your building operating as efficiently as you like, and we confirm that our upgrades are performing the way we intended. At Reynolds, we’re completely focused on results — not on just getting a job done as quickly as possible. This approach ensures the owner that the building is meeting their functional needs as efficiently as possible.

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