Performance Contracting

Performance Contracting

Reynolds’ energy savings performance contract is a turn-key service that provides customers with a set of energy-efficient technologies and upgrades that are implemented and paid for in full, or partially, using the utility savings generated by these measures.

Let Reynolds be your source of experience, knowledge and outstanding services when it comes to performance contracting and energy-efficient design.

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Our Approach to Energy Performance Contracting

Reynolds’ approach to performance contracting involves providing an energy-efficient design, guaranteed utility savings and reliable financial analyses combined with a project delivery system that is unparalleled in the industry.

Energy-efficient design ensures that your building maximizes its performance and minimizes its operating cost and environmental impact. You enjoy utility savings that would have once seemed unimaginable when you choose performance contracting, because the operation of your structure is built around reducing water, gas and electricity use.

This isn’t just a theoretical approach at Reynolds. We conduct reliable financial analyses that demonstrate the savings and efficiency you and your organization can enjoy when you choose energy performance contracting.

The Results You Can Expect From Energy Efficient Design

The result of a Reynolds performance contract is a completed project that uses energy-efficient systems to improve thermal comfort and indoor air quality, while reducing energy consumption and costs. This, of course, leads to reduced operating costs in the short-term — reduced costs that make energy-efficient design a profitable choice for construction.

But there’s more to the benefits of energy performance contracting. It can help increase your building’s value upon resale, which makes your investment in energy-efficient design even more profitable.

At Reynolds, we have the experience and knowledge needed to execute ambitious energy-efficient design projects. We can help you make the decisions and follow a plan that will lead to a maximization of savings and the most efficiently-designed and -operating building possible.

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