Performance Contracting

Performance Contracting

Reynolds’ energy savings performance contract is a turn-key service that provides customers with a set of energy-efficient technologies and upgrades that are implemented and paid for in full, or partially, using the utility savings generated by these measures.

Let Reynolds be your source of experience, knowledge and outstanding services when it comes to performance contracting and energy-efficient design.

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What Is Performance Contracting?

Performance contracting is an approach to energy and environment construction that minimizes the need for upfront capital expenditure. Instead, businesses work with an energy services company (ESCo) that arranges financing based on the assumption that, over time, the cumulative energy savings generated by the project will recoup the upfront costs. In performance contracting, the ESCo is required to guarantee that a project’s upgrades and retrofits will generate enough savings over time — or pay the difference if those savings don’t materialize. With performance contracting, the ESCo is equally vested in the successful outcome of the project as the Owner.

What Are the Benefits of Performance Contracting?

Performance contracting is an alternative project delivery model that offers several benefits. Instead of sinking money into upgrades that may or may not deliver results, businesses form a mutually beneficial partnership with an ESCo that has an equal stake in the success of the project.

For businesses, this model helps avoid upfront costs that can tie up their available cash flow during a critical period of growth. It reduces risk and often leads to faster project turnaround times, while giving the business a single point of contact they can communicate with while the work is in progress.

Performance contracting is a long-term relationship — both parties are invested in the job and focused on seeing the best results possible.

What Should You Look for in a Performance Contractor?

Choosing an energy performance contracting company is a big decision — project lifespans can be up to 25 years long, which makes it essential to partner with a company you can trust. Look for an ESCo that:

  • Has experience taking on complex projects for clients in your industry
  • Has a demonstrated history of leveraging cutting-edge technology
  • Is committed to delivering excellent communication and transparency at all stages of a project
  • Is flexible enough to offer custom solutions based on your current and future needs

You need a trusted advisor that has your best interests at heart — and the experience to see that those interests are represented every step of the way. That’s where Reynolds comes in.

Our Approach to Energy Performance Contracting

Reynolds’ approach to performance contracting involves providing an energy-efficient design, recommended system upgrades and improvements, guaranteed utility savings and reliable financial analyses combined with a project delivery system that is unparalleled in the industry. Our approach ensures your building maximizes its performance and minimizes its operating cost and environmental impact. You enjoy utility savings that would have once seemed unimaginable when you choose performance contracting, because the operation of your structure is built around reducing energy use.

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Who We Serve and What We Do

Reynolds provides energy savings performance contracting for industrial and commercial clients throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland. We have extensive experience working with K-12 and higher education providers, government facilities, manufacturing plants and more.

Each client has different requirements — a significant part of energy savings performance contracting involves identifying the upgrades and improvements that will deliver the best results over the long term. Some of the systems we work on include:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Energy management control
  • Lighting
  • Refrigeration
  • Building envelope
  • And more

Explore our website or contact one of our four locations to learn more.

The Results You Can Expect From Energy Efficient Design

The result of a Reynolds performance contract is a completed project that leverages energy-efficient systems to improve thermal comfort and indoor air quality, while reducing energy consumption and costs. This, of course, leads to reduced operating costs in the short-term — reduced costs that make energy-efficient design a profitable choice for construction. At Reynolds, we have the experience and knowledge needed to execute ambitious energy-efficient design projects. We can help you make the decisions and follow a plan that will lead to a maximization of savings and the most efficiently-designed and -operating building possible.

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Energy performance contracting is a partnership — and we’d love the opportunity to show you why we’re the best partner for your project.

With locations in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Pittsburgh, we are well-positioned to provide service to clients in the Mid-Atlantic region. Use the form on this page to request more information today.

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