Energy Star Certification

Energy Star Certification

The United States Department of Energy (USDOE) provides benchmarks for buildings by geographical region and use so that clients can compare their energy use to determine building efficiency.

One benchmarking system, known as Energy Star, allows clients to rate their buildings to determine if they are performing efficiently, or if energy-related improvements are required.

Reynolds provides clients with a benchmarking service and also trains clients to benchmark their own buildings. A rating of 75 or higher is considered Energy Star certified, and Reynolds provides the service of applying for this certification.

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Reynolds: An Energy Star-Certified Company

At Reynolds, our status as energy efficiency experts isn’t just something we call ourselves. Our energy efficiency expertise is recognized by Energy Star. What does it mean to be an Energy Star partner? It means that we are experts at:

  • Measuring, tracking and benchmarking energy use
  • Developing and implementing performance-improvement plans that fully align with Energy Star strategies
  • Educating industry professionals about the value and benefits of Energy Star programs

The benefits of energy efficiency are twofold. First, you enjoy cost savings. Your cost of operation is lower than it would be if you had not addressed the issue, and you ensure that your building can get the best possible value if ever sold. Also, you prevent any expensive retro-fitting should Energy Star strategies and approaches ever become law in the future.

Second, you lessen your impact on the planet. From a corporate social responsibility standpoint, you’re doing the right thing that should help foster goodwill with your target market.

Delivering Value to Your Organization

Make sure you’re getting the best possible value out of your building when you choose to work with Reynolds, an Energy Star-certified company. We provide a variety of services to help your organization make the most of its facilities. We also answer questions and provide expert guidance as you begin to explore your energy efficiency options.

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