Energy Engineering

Energy Engineering

Reynolds offers energy engineering services that help our clients reduce their facility’s energy consumption. Our engineering professionals perform the following:

  • Facility benchmarking: We work to help you identify the best practices and approaches used by similar projects and structures. The benchmarking process accumulates industry knowledge and understanding and applies it toward creating paramount results for your project.
  • End-use analysis: We provide end-use analysis services for organizations that require energy engineering services.
  • Energy Modeling: We provide energy modeling that delivers concrete expectations and that allows us to make informed recommendations and decisions throughout a project’s lifespan.
  • Conceptual and design engineering: From the start of your project, we can help your vision come to life through conceptual and design engineering. This is important to demonstrate a vision to shareholders and stakeholders who need to buy-in before construction commences.
  • Specification preparation: Make sure that what you expect before construction becomes a reality during and after construction when you choose Reynolds for specification preparation.

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Reynolds’ energy engineers have experience and offer our clients their expertise with a variety of systems, including:

  • Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC): Your building’s HVAC systems will be an integral part of creating an efficient operation that leads to the savings you want and expect.
  • Energy management control systems: Our experience in energy engineering services allows us to make recommendations for energy management control systems.
  • Refrigeration:A deep understanding of building refrigeration is also essential to creating the most energy-efficient environment possible — the one that will maximize your savings in operation.
  • Variable-speed motors and drives: Variable-speed motors and drives can be a significant drag on a structure’s energy efficiency if the wrong types are chosen and installed. We use our experience in energy engineering services to make sure your building has variable speed motors and drives to meet its needs.
  • Lighting systems: Traditionally, lighting has been a drain on any building’s energy efficiency. Ever driven past an office building at night and seen lights on unnecessarily? We provide energy engineering services that prevent this from occurring.
  • Building Envelope: Without a strong building envelope, your structure doesn’t stand a chance of achieving peak energy efficiency.

We are glad to answer questions or provide expert guidance as you seek to reduce facility energy consumption.

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