Energy Consulting

Energy Consulting

Reynolds has the experience and capability to consult on any energy matter related to your buildings and facilities. Some examples of how our expertise has been used include:

  • Review of project designs to improve energy efficiency: A project design often represents an organization’s ideal vision for the way a structure looks and feels. When you choose Reynolds for energy consulting, we look at your design from a different perspective. We can help you see that ideal vision become a reality, while making recommendations for ways to improve your structure’s energy efficiency.
  • Peer review of a proposed energy project: We make sure that what is planned is the best path for your project through a peer review process. We understand that a group of knowledgeable professionals is better than just one individual when you need building energy consultants. Peer review helps challenge assumptions and broadens the knowledge base used to make the most of your project.
  • Forensic review of a completed energy project: We test completed projects to make sure they are performing at their best, as well as to identify areas for improvement or opportunities to further maximize efficiency.
  • Measurement and Verification (M&V) services: We measure and verify claims made about the building’s performance by using a quantitative analysis of the structure.
  • Peer review of building performance evaluation: Again, we go beyond our own in-house expertise when performing measurement and verification to ensure that we’re getting the most accurate and informational insight as energy consultants.
  • Rebate and grant evaluation and application: Earn even more savings from energy efficiency programs when we identify rebate and grant opportunities and then submit applications for these programs.

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Why Choose an Energy Consultant?

The bottom line matters when you’re running a company or other organization, and energy efficiency is a goal that truly impacts your bottom line. But energy efficiency isn’t an objective that just anyone can successfully pursue.

At Reynolds, we are experts in this area and we can provide services as an energy consultant that help you maximize your impact on the bottom line. Let us help you discover savings you didn’t know you could achieve.

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