ECO 12®

Reynolds partners with ECO 12® to provide our clients with energy education and sustainable alternatives. The ECO 12® energy guidelines and implementation of low-cost/no-cost methodologies aid our clients in reducing their energy footprint. The ECO 12® theory focuses on small daily energy efficiencies; these practices add up over time creating significant savings that have a direct impact on our clients’ utility bills.

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ECO 12® in Action

Our role in the ECO 12® program can include providing:

  • Low- and no-cost opportunities to save facilities money and energy
  • Evaluation of facility energy management practices
  • Energy surveys
  • Spot audits and report cards
  • Conservation awareness programs
  • Energy management plans and checklists

And more. To learn about the ECO 12® program, and about how partnering with Reynolds can benefit your institution, contact us today!


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How Can We Help?

Energy Methodology Education

On the energy efficiency side of things, our role involves helping teachers and administrators develop resources that introduce children to sustainable practices at a young age. In doing so, we create a generation that is more sensitive to the impact of their actions on the environment.

The program stresses the importance of small, everyday activities such as shutting down their computer when not in use, or encouraging parents to switch to CFL light bulbs. By building habits that last a lifetime, we are actively creating greener communities and a more environmentally sustainable future for us all.

Facility Improvement

Creating healthier schools is the other component of the ECO 12® program. This involves identifying building components and issues that affect children’s well-being. We perform energy audits that identify air quality problems such as fiberglass and VOC off-gassing, heating and cooling schedules that drive up utility use, and more.

Recognizing the need to do more with a smaller budget, we aim to provide solutions that deliver the most value for the least investment. In doing so, we are making schools healthier and helping lower overhead costs.

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