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Accurate utility consumption and building efficiency data helps Owners make informed decisions about renovations or new construction projects involving energy usage. At Reynolds, we work with our clients to help compile this data through energy audits and feasibility studies, providing options and recommendations for cost-effective energy efficiency measures that may reduce consumption and lower utility costs, while providing enhanced occupant comfort and reduced carbon emissions.

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What Is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is a top-to-bottom look at energy use at your facility. Energy audits are customized to each clients’ needs, but typically involve:

  • A review of your utility bills to determine utility and resource consumption on a month-to-month basis
  • An on-site survey of your lighting systems to assess levels and effectiveness
  • Inspection of MEP systems for efficiency and effectiveness of equipment

The data collected in an energy audit helps determine your overall level of efficiency and identifies opportunities for upgrades, retrofits and other improvements that can reduce your total usage leading to potential cost savings.

What Is a Feasibility Study?

While an energy audit looks for ways to make your property more efficient, an energy feasibility study provides in-depth insight into the actual process of implementation. Questions an energy conservation feasibility study seeks to answer may include:

  • What technical and planning issues will this project involve?
  • How much will it cost, and how soon will I see a return on my investment?
  • How long will it take, and how disruptive will it be to my day-to-day operations?
  • What opportunities and incentives are available to help fund the project?
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Who Benefits From Energy Audits and Feasibility Studies?

Energy audits and feasibility studies help organizations get a clearer picture of their current energy use, and their options for reducing it through renovations and retrofitting projects. We’ve completed audits and studies for a variety of organizations across different industries including K12, higher education, healthcare and government agencies.

Why Choose Reynolds for Energy Audits and Studies?

At Reynolds, we can provide audits and studies that put evidence behind your energy efficiency assumptions to help you make informed decisions during new construction, renovations and retrofits. Our experienced team of energy engineers has decades of experience assessing buildings and systems through audits investigating ways to improve efficiency and occupant comfort. Energy audits and energy studies deliver real solutions that, when implemented, can make a positive impact on your bottom line.

How Reynolds Can Help

Are you ready to discuss an energy efficiency audit or study? We can answer questions and share more about the process and the outcomes. There are many reasons to pursue energy audits and energy studies including potential savings on operating costs.

At Reynolds, we’re the energy efficient experts who can deliver value through an energy efficiency audit or study. Reach out today to learn more.

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