Program Management

Construction Program Management

Reynolds offers program management services to clients who prefer to have the preconstruction/design team, construction phase team and other project ancillary players managed by a single entity.

We provide additional services above our Agency Construction Management service including establishing the program, assistance with hiring an architect, engineers and other pre-construction/design team members, managing the efforts of the design team and acting as the client’s agent in administering the contracts of these team members.

As a program manager, Reynolds can also provide services related to building turnover, furnishing, and move-in.

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Comprehensive Construction Program Management Services

When you choose Reynolds for construction program management, you’re gaining a partner with the experience and capabilities to get the job done right. Our highly-accredited team of professionals will serve as your trusted representatives through every phase of planning and construction.

Whether your project is public or private, a single building, a large corporate complex or on a college campus, we’ll provide support to help overcome the unique challenges that stand in the way of meeting your objectives.

By bringing in a reliable construction program management company from the outset, you’re able to avoid the common scheduling, budgeting and coordination pitfalls that negatively impact the bottom line. We put together a cohesive team to manage everything from building turnover to furnishing and move in.

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Full-Service Construction Program Management

From setting up technical and administrative services and planning, scheduling and budgeting to design, construction and commissioning, we’ll be by your side every step of the way. Our full-service construction program management services help to:

  • Identify your program & plan for success
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Manage short-term and long-term costs
  • Create timelines and manage schedules
  • Oversee construction and quality control
  • Ensure successful project delivery

Leaders Among Local Construction Program Management Companies

Reynolds delivers construction program management focused on providing the most valuable services while lowering and eliminating costs. We set ourselves apart from other program management companies by offering flexible building solutions based on your specific requirements. Our in-house team of project managers and industry professionals has many years of experience and holds a variety of certifications.

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