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Since 1997, we have provided general construction services worth over $300 million in new construction and renovated construction. The projects with which we have been involved include office, healthcare, higher education, and hospitality & entertainment facilities throughout Pennsylvania.

Reynolds has pursued Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and general construction opportunities and can deliver a full-service approach effectively and professionally. Many challenging projects — ranging from $75,000 to over $65 million — have been successfully completed. Our general construction strengths rest in our ability to provide efficient, responsive and professional leadership, as well as our unmatched dedication to quality building.

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We’re proud of the work we do for all of our clients, large and small. For over two decades, we’ve been a Central Pennsylvania leader in general construction services and construction management and engineering. If you’re in Harrisburg you’ve likely seen some of our highly-visible projects, including:

  • Harrisburg University Academic Center: Harrisburg University of Science and Technology hired Reynolds to perform reconstruction and construction management at-risk services for the university’s new 16-story downtown Harrisburg campus. Eight of the floors contain structured parking and six floors house university space which includes partial retail space, the library, and administrative space.
  • Alex Grass Medical Sciences Building: Reynolds was hired as construction manager at-risk by PinnacleHealth for the construction of Harrisburg Hospital’s new laboratory project. This included its two-story expansion and orthopedic and spine fit-out projects. This expansion project was challenging as it was built above an existing occupied lab, and next to patient rooms. Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) was critical to this occupied hospital, as were security, building access control and noise control.
  • Penn State Educational Activities BuildingThe Pennsylvania State University hired Reynolds for preconstruction and construction management at-risk services for an addition on their Harrisburg campus. During the design phase of the project, Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology was used to create estimates and constructability Additionally, cloud-based technology was used during construction to ensure construction conformance to the contractual obligations of the project.

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Today, we are recognized as one of Central Pennsylvania’s top general contractors. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can use our extensive experience in general construction services to make your project a success. We can offer you additional examples of the projects we’ve completed, and begin discussing your unique needs and requirements.

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