Design-build is one of the most popular building construction delivery methods. Unlike traditional construction projects where the owner must contract with separate entities for each phase, design-build requires the hiring of only one company that handles all aspects of design and construction. This simplifies the entire procedure and eliminates the blame-shifting and finger-pointing that frequently occurs in the conventional construction process. Design-build also fosters collaboration between the architect and builder, which leads to better results and fewer hassles for the owner.

Reynolds: The Leading Choice Among Design-Build Companies

Reynolds has the knowledge, expertise and resources to execute your design-build project. Our team of in-house engineers and construction managers partners with the best general contractors in the region to ensure superior results. We emphasize scheduling, cost control and expediency to deliver exceptional value from the initial design phase through the final construction. You’ll find that working with our single-source design-build service will save time, minimize costs and remove much of the burden from your shoulders.

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About Our Commercial Design-Build Methodology

Our multistep commercial design-build consists of the following steps:

  • Pre-construction: During this phase, we’ll conduct a series of business, financial, architectural and mechanical assessments to help us learn more about your business and your facility requirements. We’ll work with you to determine the scope of your project and develop the solutions required to make your dream a reality.
  • Architectural design: At this point, our team of architects, engineers and construction professionals will collaborate to create a building design that satisfies all your project’s requirements. You’ll also have the opportunity to provide your input to our team. As one of the top design-build engineering firms in the region, you can trust Reynolds to develop a design that adds tremendous value to your project.
  • Construction: One of the biggest benefits of design-build is that construction can begin during the design phase. The use of a single source to oversee the design and construction makes it possible to start site preparation even before completing the design. The overlap will permit a more aggressive project schedule and save a significant amount of time.
  • Post-construction: Our work doesn’t end with the completion of your building. We’ll also be there to provide comprehensive post-construction design-build service. Depending on your needs, this step can include walk-throughs, delivering complete project documentation and even conducting training for your facility management staff as required. We want you to be totally satisfied with every aspect of your design-build project.
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Why Choose Reynolds as Your Design-Build Service Provider?

At Reynolds, we have diverse in-house capabilities that are essential for any successful design-build project. We also strive to deliver extraordinary value by reducing and avoiding costs. Unlike other design-build companies, you’ll get a partner that contributes to the success of your business, not just another vendor. We’re also ahead of the curve when it comes to energy efficiency, helping your company meet its environmental objectives and reduce its utility costs.

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