Construction Management At-Risk

Construction Management At-Risk

Reynolds is a leading provider of construction management at-risk services for clients throughout Pennsylvania. We have extensive experience overseeing major projects for organizations of all sizes.

What Is Construction Management At-Risk?

Construction management at-risk is an alternative to the conventional design-bid-build process. In at-risk construction management, an independent firm — the construction management at-risk provider — consults with the project owner throughout the preconstruction phase of the project. Reynolds keeps your project goals clearly in focus and provides superior analysis and cost-saving expertise.

The construction management at-risk firm provides a range of project management services at this time, including establishing a guaranteed maximum price when hiring subcontractors. As the project moves into the construction phase, the at-risk management firm oversees all work to completion.

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What Services Are Involved?

Construction management at-risk involves a range of different services, including:

Each project is different. Effective, professional at-risk construction management firms can tailor their methods to the needs of the client, ensuring the finished project aligns with their big-picture goals.

What Are the Benefits?

The construction management at-risk model of project delivery has multiple benefits. By empowering the construction management at-risk firm to act on the owner’s behalf, they serve as a single point of contact and negotiation for all matters related to the project. This reduces the risk of cost overruns and scheduling delays.

Construction management at-risk is advantageous for project owners because it shifts risk to a professional builder who is best capable of managing the risk and who has proven success with similar projects. Costs and outcomes become more predictable, estimating is more accurate and in many cases, construction time is reduced.

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Working With Reynolds

Construction Management At-Risk services entail a commitment from Reynolds to deliver a project within a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). Here, Reynolds acts as a consultant to the owner in the development and design phases, but as the equivalent of a general contractor during the construction phase.

We’ve provided these services since 1997. Many building owners prefer this delivery method because it gives them the ability to fast-track construction and to receive the input of an experienced general contractor during the design process.

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