Agency Construction Management

Agency Construction Management

Agency construction management is a model in which a construction management agency (CMa) acts as an advocate for the project owner in exchange for a set fee. Agency construction management firms oversee a range of different processes, providing impartial advice and expert assistance for construction and renovation projects of varying scopes and project sizes.

Because of the range of roles a construction management agency can play, it’s critical to work with a company that is flexible and knowledgeable about all aspects of design, preconstruction, building and close-out. Reynolds has a long history of working with clients in Pennsylvania, Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region — we can play any role you need us to in your project, delivering expert advice and program management with full transparency.

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Benefits of Agency Construction Management

The agency construction management model has several advantages for organizations planning construction, expansion or renovation projects. Effectively, when Owners work with an agency construction management firm, they gain the resources of a knowledgeable partner with a breadth of experience managing construction projects. A CMa can assist with vendor selection, cash flow management, scheduling, resource use and procurement, among other tasks and functions. As a result, a CMa can help ensure that projects remain on-time and on-budget, while allowing Owners to focus on operating their business rather than construction.

Agency construction management is often compared to the construction management-at-risk and design-bid-build construction models, however, these distinctions aren’t entirely accurate. Agency construction management is a model for project management, whereas CMAR is a model for project delivery. With agency management, the CMa does not handle any of the building directly, but rather oversees and guides the project, and does not assume financial responsibility for the finished product.

Instead, a CMa serves in an advisory capacity. Because of this, agency management is not incompatible with CMAR or other delivery models. One role a CM agency can play is to help the owner determine the best delivery model for the project and the best partner for the job.

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Reynolds has provided various levels of agency construction management for more than 200 projects, with a cumulative net worth of $3 billion. We work with clients in many different industries including K12 education, healthcare, manufacturing, commercial properties and more. One advantage of working with us is our unparalleled breadth of expertise. Our in-house team includes engineers, project managers and industry professionals specializing in mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) design, preconstruction, sustainable building practices, recommissioning and more. We leverage this expertise to drive results for our clients, helping them make informed decisions that position their project for success.

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Reynolds is proud to be a partner to building owners throughout Pennsylvania. Check out our project portfolio for details about some of the projects we’ve worked on, or get in touch to learn how we can help you. Contact us at your convenience for more information.

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