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Reynolds provides recommissioning services for existing facilities that have been previously commissioned. Recommissioning typically includes a total facility component and system analysis to create the commissioning plan. Once the analysis has been completed and the design intent documents have been examined the commissioning agent formulates a plan to get the building back to performing per the original design intent.

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Reynolds has provided commissioning and recommissioning services for many different building systems, including:

  • HVAC: HVAC recommissioning involves checking all individual system components to verify that equipment is being used and serviced properly. Then, the output is tested to confirm that factors such as motor RPM, voltage, airflow and other performance metrics meet the specifications laid out during the original commissioning. If not, our team will provide testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) to bring it back into spec.
  • Electrical: A key goal of recommissioning is to improve the overall efficiency of your facility’s electrical systems, uninterruptible power supplies and switchgear components. Our team will perform a comprehensive site assessment looking at overall energy usage, as well as current operational and maintenance practices. Through a process of testing, we will identify needed repairs and help establish priorities for infrastructural upgrades.
  • Plumbing: Inefficient or poorly maintained plumbing systems lead to substantial water loss and related expenses. Reynolds can provide existing facility recommissioning for your plumbing system to confirm that all components are calibrated for optimal performance. A well-running plumbing system saves you money directly through lower utility bills, and indirectly through decreased maintenance requirements for pipes and fixtures as well as building infrastructure that can be damaged by leaks and mold.
  • Life safety: Fire detection and suppression systems are critical components of any commercial building. Periodic recommissioning is necessary for liability purposes and also to reduce the expense and hassle associated with false alarms. Recommissioning an existing building’s life safety systems involves verifying the proper operation of system components and confirming that all staff understand the proper protocol for maintenance and testing.
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Our expertise spans a range of systems and services. Working with your team, we’ll tailor our approach to the specifics of your facility and the goals of your project. Additional systems we can provide recommissioning services for include:

  • Building automation and controls (BAS, DDC, ATC)
  • Building envelope (using thermal imaging)
  • Security
  • Lighting and day-lighting controls
  • Acoustics
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