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DDC HVAC Solutions

DDC HVAC Solutions

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating, cooling and ventilation system expenses comprise approximately 40 percent of a commercial building’s energy costs and about 7.5 percent of its total operating costs. The DOE also indicates that building owners could reduce these expenses by an average of 38 percent by installing an energy-efficient control system such as a direct digital control system (DDC).

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What Is an HVAC DDC Control System?

Direct digital control for building HVAC systems refers to an automated process for controlling the functionality of the heating and cooling units. This “smart” technology can also encompass other mechanical and electrical systems, such as lighting and water heating, to provide an integrated resource management solution. A DDC setup delivers more precise control over the operation of these units, resulting in increased efficiency and lower energy costs.

How Does a DDC HVAC System Work?

A DDC system features a central computer workstation that serves as the control center. The building manager or maintenance supervisor can use the computer to set up specific temperature zones and operating schedules throughout the facility based on typical usage patterns and other factors at various times of the day and night.

A series of sensors monitors the temperature and humidity on a 24/7 basis and transmits the data back to the central workstation, which makes automatic adjustments to the HVAC units as needed.

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What Are the Benefits of Installing a DDC System for HVAC in Your Commercial Building?

A well-designed and effectively implemented HVAC DDC control system can offer a host of advantages including:

  • Establishing and maintaining a consistently comfortable environment throughout the facility
  • Reduction in time and labor costs due to remote monitoring system functionality
  • Built-in alerts provide early warnings regarding mechanical issues, which can help prevent expensive HVAC repairs
  • Reducing the downtime associated with HVAC system breakdowns and component failure
  • Ability to preprogram the operating sequences resulting in increased energy efficiency
  • Energy savings resulting from system overuse during non-peak periods
  • Eliminating human errors that often lead to inaccurate or unnecessary temperature adjustments
  • Getting access to real-time data regarding HVAC system health and performance which simplifies the monitoring, control and maintenance processes
  • Increased HVAC system efficiency enabling the units to run at lower capacity, which can extend their lifespan and prevent premature replacement
  • Integration with other mechanical and electrical systems leading to a reduction the facility’s overall utility and energy costs

Reynolds Can Provide a Cost-Effective DDC HVAC Solution for Your Commercial Building

At Reynolds, our comprehensive suite of building and engineering services includes custom HVAC DDC control system design and implementation. We remain ahead of the curve for this cutting-edge technology and can integrate it seamlessly into your building operations.

We partner with K-12 school districts, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and other commercial entities to develop innovative solutions for meeting their cost avoidance objectives. Our years of experience provide a level of insight that our competitors cannot replicate, which ensures a unique solution that will maximize your return on investment and deliver excellent long-term value to your organization.

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