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Direct Digital Control Technology

Direct Digital Control Technology

Direct digital control (DDC) systems are taking large-building management capabilities to a higher level. A DDC control system consists of a central computer workstation that’s paired with the facility’s Building Automation Systems to provide more precise management of the building’s mechanical functions. Depending on the building’s design and layout, direct digital control technology can encompass essential systems such as HVAC, electrical/lighting and even security.

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How Does Direct Digital Technology Work?

Automation is the backbone of a DDC control system. Through an intricate setup of interrelated controllers, timers, sensors, alarms, time schedules, set points, etc., it’s possible to automate the function of the building’s essential mechanical systems. These components “communicate” with each other on a 24/7/365 basis.

You can also preprogram the operation of these systems to ensure maximum efficiency. For example, you can time your building’s water heater to shut off automatically after business hours, when there is little or no demand for hot water.

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What Are the Benefits of Implementing Direct Digital Control of Building Systems?

Direct digital control systems can provide a host of benefits for owners and managers of large facilities including:

  • Immediate notification of performance issues: The DDC control system’s intuitive sensors will send alerts whenever they detect an abnormality. The facility manager can then respond promptly and take corrective measures. The ability to identify problems in the early stages could save an organization service and repair costs.
  • Remote detection of mechanical issues: With this advanced technology, it’s now possible to diagnose mechanical or technical issues that cause breakdowns from afar. For instance, if the system detects a problem with the HVAC unit, it will trigger an alarm and transmit detailed data that allows the tech to identify the issue via a connected workstation or laptop. The tech can then bring the appropriate tools to the site or arrange to have them waiting, which can significantly reduce downtime.
  • Increased energy efficiency: You can also use direct digital control technology to create automated “zones” within your building to manage the operation of lighting and temperature more efficiently. For instance, the heat will lower and the lights will turn off automatically when the area is unoccupied, which can result in energy savings.
  • Heightened security: Using a DDC control system in conjunction with security measures can enhance safety at a facility. Specific areas include access control to manage who enters and exits a building and timed lighting that acts as a deterrent when someone approaches the building at night.

Reynolds Can Design a Custom Direct Digital Control System for Your Facility

At Reynolds, we’ll partner with you to develop and implement a system that will improve your facility’s efficiency while also adding value to your business operation. You’ll benefit from our flexible, cost-effective approach we’ll tailor to your company’s unique requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about how a DDC control system can enhance your facility management efforts.

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