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Building Commissioning

Building Commissioning

Reynolds’ commissioning service is a process of verifying that building systems are designed, installed, and thoroughly tested and capable of being operated and maintained to perform as intended and as the client expected. A commissioned building provides improved energy efficiency, indoor air quality and occupant comfort, as well as a foundation for minimal operation and maintenance costs.

Reynolds has experience designing and testing heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, lighting, plumbing and building envelope systems. Our commissioning engineers use the most current technology and focus on the design, construction and operation phases to facilitate a “big picture” view of our client’s project.

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New Building Commissioning

New building commissioning is a critical step in ensuring the individual systems in a finished project meet engineering design requirements. The process involves extensive testing and analysis, training of staff and identifying and correcting any conformance issues with the building’s electrical, HVAC, lighting or other systems.

Building commissioning is essential to improving the performance of a new property. Commissioned buildings will be more likely to deliver lower operating costs, improved system efficiency and fewer tenant complaints. Commissioning engineering helps minimize operational risk and may be required to demonstrate compliance with LEED and other standards.

New construction building commissioning is easiest when the commissioning agent is engaged early in the project’s lifecycle. Early engagement allows the agent to understand a project’s goals and requirements and streamline testing accordingly. As a full-service commissioning agent, Reynolds can provide assistance at any point from the engineering design phase onwards.

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Building Commissioning for Existing Properties

Retro-commissioning and recommissioning are similar processes employed on existing buildings. As the name implies, recommissioning involves retesting a previously commissioned building. This is typically done either to address operational problems or to satisfy the requirements of new owners. Retro-commissioning, on the other hand, involves testing a building that has not previously been commissioned. This is done to identify potential improvements or to enhance the performance of individual systems.

The same systematic approach should be employed in both new and existing building commissioning engineering. Reynolds brings extensive expertise to every project we take on. Our team can develop comprehensive commissioning plans, schedules and budgets, establish testing and inspection benchmarks, and complete the commissioning process quickly and efficiently. We document all work and all results, and we provide you with detailed recommendations for improving performance that may include repairs, upgrades or staff training, among other things.

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