Red Rose Transit Authority

Project Background

Reynolds was hired by Red Rose Transit Authority as construction manager for their Queen Street Station Phase II Project. The project included a 10,000-square-foot expansion of the Lancaster Museum of Art along the 200 block of North Queen Street, the expansion of the existing bus station to link it with East Chestnut Street, and construction of a 395-space parking garage. The garage was built to support the later construction of a 38-unit condominium tower that could rise above it to 16 stories.

Reynolds also managed the preconstruction and construction to the renovations at the authority’s Erick Road administrative and maintenance facility. Upgrades to the 30-year-old facility were designed to make it energy efficient. Plans called for geothermal heating and cooling, skylights, solar panels, a green roof, and a waste-oil burner that converts used oil from RRTA’s fleet of buses into heat for the buildings. Estimates show RRTA’s energy use at the facility could be cut by 75 percent with the changes.

Project Specs

Solutions: Construction


  • Timothy Haas and Associates
  • CDM Architects

Square Feet:      

  • 17,520 new construction
  • 13,778 renovations

Construction Cost: $15.1 million

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“The congregation was concerned that none of the contractors submitting proposals had ever built a synagogue before. Our selected contractor, Reynolds, worked closely with us and did their homework to ensure that our new synagogue was designed and built to meet all of our program needs and requirements. Their entire team was extremely responsive, professional, and even kind.”


Rabbi Ron Muroff, Chisuk Emuna Congregation