Chisuk Emuna Synagogue

Project Background

Reynolds was the construction manager at-risk for Chisuk Emuna Congregation’s new Synagogue. The new 12,825-square-foot building holds up to 400 people in the sanctuary and social hall. It includes an outside patio, four classrooms, a multipurpose room, kitchen, library and offices.

Reynolds was hired at the start of design to provide preconstruction services as part of the project team. Our role was to confirm that the project was designed to meet the congregation’s program while staying within their budget and meeting their schedule deadlines. During the preliminary design phase it was decided that Reynolds would complete the plumbing, HVAC and electrical work on a design build basis. The design involvement by Reynolds was instrumental in completing the design and construction of this project under the owner’s original budget.

Once construction started, Reynolds was the general contractor with overall responsibility for the coordination of the work, schedule, quality control, safety and site control. In addition, Reynolds’ skilled craftsmen installed all of the custom woodwork and casework, doors and hardware, architectural accessories and furnishings.

Project Specs

Solutions: Construction
Architect: Brawer & Hauptman Architects
Square Feet: 12,825 new construction
Construction Cost: $3.8 million

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“The congregation was concerned that none of the contractors submitting proposals had ever built a synagogue before. Our selected contractor, Reynolds, worked closely with us and did their homework to ensure that our new synagogue was designed and built to meet all of our program needs and requirements. Their entire team was extremely responsive, professional, and even kind.”


Rabbi Ron Muroff, Chisuk Emuna Congregation