Reynolds partners with ECO 12® to provide our clients with energy education and sustainable alternatives. The ECO 12® energy guidelines and implementation of low-cost/no-cost methodologies aid our clients in reducing their energy footprint. The ECO 12® theory focuses on small daily energy efficiencies; these practices add up overtime creating significant savings having a direct impact on our client’s utility bills.

The ECO 12® Program includes:

  • Low cost and No cost opportunities to save facilities money and energy
  • Evaluation of facility energy management practices
  • Energy Surveys
  • Spot audits and report cards
  • Conservation awareness program
  • Energy management plans and checklists

“Reynolds’ preconstruction services of cost estimating and value engineering allowed for the project scope of work to be well defined and within the funds allotted to us…”

Wayne McCullough, Director of Operations, Southern York County School District