Reynolds partners with ECO 12® to provide our clients with energy education and sustainable alternatives. The ECO 12® energy guidelines and implementation of low-cost/no-cost methodologies aid our clients in reducing their energy footprint. The ECO 12® theory focuses on small daily energy efficiencies; these practices add up overtime creating significant savings having a direct impact on our client’s utility bills.

The ECO 12® Program includes:

  • Low cost and No cost opportunities to save facilities money and energy
  • Evaluation of facility energy management practices
  • Energy Surveys
  • Spot audits and report cards
  • Conservation awareness program
  • Energy management plans and checklists

“Reynolds is innovative and assisted me in making the best decisions for students while staying within all of the budget parameters I have established for them. Most importantly, they listen to me when I express the school district needs within our facilities; then they help me translate my vision into reality.”

Kendy Hinkel, Ed.D., Former Superintendent, Saint Clair Area School District