Program Management

program management

Reynolds offers program management services to clients who prefer to have the preconstruction/design team, construction phase team and other project ancillary players managed by a single entity.

We provide additional services above our Agency Construction Management service including assistance with hiring an architect, engineers and other pre-construction/design team members, managing the efforts of the design team, and acting as the client’s agent in administering the contracts of these team members. As a program manager, Reynolds can also provide services related to building turnover, furnishing, and move-in.

“The congregation was concerned that none of the contractors submitting proposals had ever built a synagogue before. Our selected contractor, Reynolds, worked closely with us and did their homework to ensure that our new synagogue was designed and built to meet all of our program needs and requirements. Their entire team was extremely responsive, professional, and even kind.”


Rabbi Ron Muroff, Chisuk Emuna Congregation