Cost & Schedule Control

Cost Schedule

Reynolds will provide the greatest opportunity for a client to reduce costs or schedule when we are involved in the project as early as possible. Although cost and schedule control are interrelated, Reynolds offers a detailed and thorough approach to each, which is inclusive of the entire project team.

Cost Control A client can elect to build as desired, or to budget what is available. When the determination is made by the building owner, Reynolds begins our work as early as the conceptual phase of design to find design efficiencies, value engineering and scope reduction options, efficient methods of project delivery, and efficient methods of construction. The pie chart illustrates the cost savings Reynolds can achieve for clients while keeping the project on schedule. We strive for 5% or more in cost reductions for all projects. 

Schedule Control The schedule for completion of any project is often dictated by a date for which the building or facility is needed. Beginning with the concept of the project through pre-construction schedules, bid schedules, and construction phase schedules, Reynolds works to reduce design and construction time and provide our clients with adequate time to occupy the facility.

“Reynolds find ways at every turn to help us stay on budget and to navigate changes while keeping the project moving … They understand the importance of how to keep a school properly functioning during phased, occupied construction.”

Donald Blake, Facilities Director, Phillipsburg-Osceola Area School District